Self Evaluation

If you have ever tried to use a GPS, you know that you cannot get to where you want to go unless you know where you are now. Take the time to explore this self-evaluation. It will provide you with an insight into what you know, what you are good at, and maybe help you identify some opportunities for improvement so that you can become a highly effective pitch presenter.

Click to watch two pitch presentations. Watch and contrast them. What do you notice? What is different? What makes the second one better than the first?

Click to rate where you think your skills are in relation to delivering a pitch presentation. Be honest with yourself, this is for your eyes only. If you're not sure - ask others for feedback and insight before completing the quiz.

Download the quiz and your responses as reference as you work through the journey to guide your own self-improvement planning.

Download your completed Self Evaluation quiz so that you can refer to it later.