Delivering My Pitch

Now that you have constructed your message, the final piece to creating an impactful and engaging pitch or presentation is in getting your delivery working for you. There has been much discussion about the importance of words, voice, and body language in relation to its impact on face to face communication. While there is much controversy of the actual percentage each of these has on the impact of communication, what we do know from experience is that the way we use our voice and body language has a big impact on the perceived effectiveness of any presenter. No matter how well-crafted your message. If it is delivered in a monotone way, without eye contact, and with nervous body movement, for example, fidgeting and nervous pacing, the impact of the message will be greatly reduced.

When considering your delivery, it is important to reflect on step 4 – My Communication Style and to think about what you know about your audience. Consider the following when delivering your message:

  • Big picture or detail
  • Pace of speaking
  • Directness of message
  • Level of energy and movement in the presentation

It is important to identify what you need to adjust in your delivery to create the impact you need to get your audience to take action / reach an agreement with your proposal. Use questions as a way of engaging your audience and identifying their preferred communication style if your audience is new to you.

Review the second video from step 2 again. This time identify all the steps we have learnt about in action.

Click to see an example of how you can vary your delivery and communication style during question time. See if you can identify the different communication styles.