My Next Steps

Thank you for completing this Discovery Journey. You should now have the core knowledge and skills needed to prepare and deliver a highly effective pitch or presentation. The models, tools, and techniques you have just accessed have been developed by applying science and experience to help you learn and improve. Now it is time for you to practice!

To further your knowledge and skills and to get the opportunity to practice these in a safe and supportive environment, then consider teaming up with your colleagues and running role-plays to practice where you seek feedback on your content, your structure, and your delivery. You might also want to consider expressing your interest in a practical Pitching to Win workshop. Here you will be taken deeper into the theory plus have plenty of opportunities to practice your pitches and get objective feedback from a highly experienced presenter and qualified trainer.

Take your next step by expressing an interest in participating at Pitching to Win face to face workshop by clicking on the Request Workshop icon below.

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